The Conecc AAC Block team undertakes a site survey to determine the total view of construction materials required and the time required for completing projects. Our team also educates the people concerned on the appropriate manner of using the Conecc AAC Blocks.






Site Survey

Conecc can deliver their materials directly to the client's construction site which will reduce your operational cost, a major fact.

Estimate of Quantity

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Training to Masons

The Conecc AAC blocks team educates masons on the procedure of using conecc AAC blocks. Our team advises them on the usefulness of the procedure and the care to be taken while working. Conecc professional training helps the masons to save on materials, cut on the extent of damage, and thus reduce material and labor costs.

Cost-saving Analysis

The cost-saving analysis gives us an understanding of the AAC Blocks & their manufacturing process. The Conecc AAC Blocks team helps us to understand the technical aspects of the product. Thus, they learn to handle the AAC blocks carefully and save on costs.